Other than the length, we can't think of many differences between Cataract Canyon and the Grand Canyon.  Rafting through "Cat" has it all: towering red sandstone desert walls, awe-inspiring hikes through slot canyons or up to river overlooks that are otherwise only enjoyed by birds of prey, and water that ranges from miles of relaxing warm flat water to massive class IV+ big volume whitewater.  This is the "real desert" - July trips often mean 100-degree air temps and 80-degree water, making Cataract Canyon the perfect place for those who want to explore the far corners of Canyonlands National Park that most don't get to see from the cooling comfort of the river.  Not much has changed in Cataract Canyon since John Wesley Powell and his expedition came through here in 1869 - but commit yourself to the power of Cataract and you'll be changed forever. 

Cataract Canyon Itinerary INCLUDES:

  • Our Cataract Canyon rafting trip begins at Potash, just outside of Moab, UT.
  • Floating leisurely past Dead Horse Point and through Meander Canyon, watching for ancient native petroglyphs and granaries along the walls.
  • Hiking through incredible side canyons to unique hoodoo rock formations, secret swimming holes, relics from early canyon exploration teams, and ancient prehistoric ruins.
  • Experiencing the confluence of two of the largest rivers in the American west - the Green River and the Colorado River-  knowing that as the river volume increases, the rapids are just downstream.
  • Celebrating a successful run through the legendary "Big Drops" section, the crux whitewater stretch of Cataract Canyon. 
  • Enter the still waters of Lake Powell and enjoying a truly remarkable scenic flight back to Moab over sections of Canyonlands National Park that few will ever see.




JULY 17 - 22.   6 days.  $1,590. 
Current Availability:   20 people.


SEPT 11 - 16.  6 days.  $1,590. 
Current Availability:   20 people.



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