GOALS ("Get Outside And Learn Something") is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that connects, inspires, and empowers people through wilderness river expeditions.


We do much more than take people rafting.  Every GOALS expedition is guided by a powerful curriculum developed by our team of trained professional educators and guides, and differentiated for the ages and experience levels of our participants.  Our curricula develop new outdoor skill sets and provides academic enrichment opportunities, but go beyond these simple outdoor education objectives to provide an outdoor empowerment experience whose impact is greater and longer lasting.  

GOALS expeditions involve activities that motivate participants to push beyond perceived limits, to trust and support one another, and to appreciate the individual growth and group camaraderie that develop throughout their trip. They encourage creative play and imaginative discovery.  They foster personal awareness and build self-confidence.  Of course, this all occurs in a place where electronic distractions don't exist, and where there's no time, energy, or desire to look, act, or behave in any manner that isn't completely authentic. 

When our gear has been loaded and the trailers pull away from the take-out ramp, the end result of every GOALS expedition is another set of participants heading home with new connections to their peers, the planet, and themselves. 


GOALS explores many of the most revered wilderness river canyons in the western United States, and offer extraordinary opportunities to explore unique rivers and cultures of Patagonia in the spring and Nepal in the fall.

We welcome adventurous souls from every socioeconomic class, gender, religion, zip code, etc. - because we firmly believe that the type of growth a GOALS expedition creates should be available for all.  And, just as every person needs GOALS, our planet also needs more GOALS graduates.

In an effort to serve as many people from a diverse audience each season, GOALS specifically operates three distinct divisions. 

GOALS general youth programs serve any interested child between the ages of 10 and 20.  Our outreach programs make multi-day youth river expeditions available to exceptional youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, and a limited number of specialty programs each year make the GOALS experience available to adult/corporate groups, families, and others seeking the GOALS experience.



Your financial support of GOALS is much more than a donation. 
It is an investment in a young life. 

Since our founding in 2010, GOALS has provided over 4,500 days for kids on rivers.  That's 4,500 days filled with experiences, lessons, and connections that can change a child's outlook and life trajectory.  We have accomplished this through the support of our dedicated GOALS family, and we're not about to let up.  In fact, our goal is to reach 8,500 days before 2020 - with an increased emphasis on making the goals experience available to all.  This is possible through generous giving from all who support the work we are doing.

Whether giving as an individual or supporting our work through a corporate partnership, your donation creates growth - first for GOALS, and ultimately for the kids we'll serve.




GOALS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.
All contributions made directly to GOALS are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.