We use wild rivers as metaphors for life. 

Kids leave goals programs with more self-confidence, awareness, and resilience than they arrived with.  Their vulnerabilities have made them stronger, and their failures have made them more successful.  They are wise enough to identify healthy risks, and brave enough to tackle them.  They embrace the person they are today, and have more tools to become the person they long to be in the future.

GOALS RIVER EXPEDITIONS TAKE KIDS OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES TO DELIVEr the important lessons that don't appear on standardized tests.



You don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to appreciate the increase in self-confidence that comes from conquering rapids and sleeping under the stars.  You don’t need a teaching degree to understand that a child’s curiosity deserves more answers than those found in a textbook.  You don’t have to label yourself an environmentalist to understand that kids who are connected to wild places will be more inclined to preserve them for future generations. 

And, while just about any outdoor experience will offer opportunities for growth, GOALS has developed and refined a powerful experience-centered approach that has been proven repeatedly to produce long-lasting transformations in the kids we serve.

We could tell you all about it, but that wouldn't do much good.  You need to experience it with us, where the model delivers the greatest impact.  You need to get outside - and learn something.