"We’ve become used to a benign, sanitized and packaged life.  It’s time to step a little closer to the edge – both inside and outside."  - from the BizAdventure website. 

Leaders from BizAdventure and GOALS are teaming up to build an experience that removes adult participants from the mundane world we live in where everything is easy and safe- and where the value of risk, commitment, struggle and accomplishment are too often minimized.    By combining the Biz Adventure focus on grit, growth, and results with the GOALS search-navigate-reflect-believe personal growth process, we're creating an expedition that will empower you to re-define limits, re-assess fears, and re-examine your true purpose - all while exploring one of the most incredible sections in the entire Colorado River system - Cataract Canyon. 

What makes this a specialty trip?

1. UNIQUE Programming

This expedition will incorporate a workshop intentionally designed to facilitate short- and long-term personal growth with the wonder and excitement of a wilderness river expedition through the heart of Canyonlands National Park.  We'll disconnect from the pressures and confinement of the corporate environment and embrace "river time" - a more sane pace where time is told by the height of the sun or the depth of the campfire's ashes.  We'll rely on and improve both our physical and mental fitness - using our bodies to find success in novel challenges and opening our minds to increase awareness, create a sense of connection to self and others, and define what it is we want to use our lives to accomplish.  We'll develop strong group camaraderie through work, play, and sharing valuable insights, ideas, and wisdom through meaningful conversations on boats, on beaches, on hiking trails, etc.  Authenticity will reign - in ourselves and our peers, and will prove to be far more comfortable than the practice of pretending to be someone other than who we're most comfortable being.

You'll feel different when you arrive at the take-out than you did when you began the journey, and you won't be quite sure why.  But you'll want to come back and try to figure it out. 


Bob, Angela, and Brett bring a unique blend of knowledge and experience to this program, and are excited to share their passions with the crew.

Bob Neuman.  Beth took her first yoga class in 1995 when she was in college and The Naropa Institute was offering a donation based women’s yoga class. She began a regular practice in 2000 when pregnant with her first child and wanted to continue movement in a gentle way. Beth always enjoyed yoga, but didn’t make the time for regular practice until 2004 when a studio opened locally. It was then that she began to fall in love. Several years later, when looking for career /life change and direction/guidance, yoga entered her life with new meaning and she began finding her heart felt path. Beth couldn’t get enough information about the yoga world, incorporating more and more yoga education, meditation and a regular practice, whether in a studio or on her own at home. It gave her a much needed grounding force filled with self-reflection and inspiration, as well as balancing the outdoor lifestyle she loves. While going through teacher training the idea of True Yoga began to evolve. She is so excited to share with you her love for a practice that entails alignment, heart opening, healing and inspiration!


Angela Merrill.   Our capacity to evolve is earth shattering, and this is what makes Angela tick. Angela has a counseling practice in Boulder and has been working in the mental health field for over a decade. She graduated from Naropa University with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. 

Angela’s passion for personal evolution and working with others came from her love and immersion in the natural world.  Angela grew up in the woods and on the waters in rural Maine and has been a river and wilderness guide for many years.  She enjoys traveling, connecting with nature and soul, and supporting people on their own unique adventures.  Currently, Angela cannot wait to get on the water with you!  Let’s go rafting!  Learn more at


Brett Hochmuth.  Brett has been a professional river guide and educator for his entire adult life (even through he tries hard to avoid that "adult" label).  His teaching has been carried out in a variety of arenas ranging from ski and snowboard instruction to more traditional middle and high school mathematics and science classrooms.  While Brett loves to teach, his real passion comes from sharing his knowledge and love of rivers with people through GOALS programs. 

Brett has explored rivers in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Maine, and Alaska, logging well over 10,000 miles with paddles and oars in his hands.  He goes out of his way to make fellow explorers feel inspired, curious, and empowered by guiding them toward new knowledge and skill sets on moving water - and is excited to contribute to this program. 


The group will meet on the afternoon of Monday, September 26 in Moab, Utah.  We will camp together in the area that night, and begin the progress of establishing our group objectives, expectations, and goals.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 27th, we'll meet our professional river guides at the Canyonlands Air Field, leaving our vehicles there.  A ground shuttle will transport us to our put-in boat ramp on the Colorado River, and we'll begin our journey downstream.  The next 5 days will be spent exploring 112 miles of the Colorado River - enjoying calm stretches and being challenged by whitewater rapids; relaxing and playing on large sand beaches as the sunrise and sunset cause canyon shadows to crawl up or down the red sandstone walls on the opposite bank; sharing stories and great conversation around campfires as we marvel at the blanket of desert stars after a healthy and delicious meal prepared by our guides; taking the time to journal about our experience and the insights it has provided; searching, navigating, reflecting, and believing.

Late in the afternoon on Saturday, October 1st, we'll reach the end of our river journey.  A group of small (4-10 passenger) planes will be awaiting us at the take-out ramp, and will fly us directly over some of the most remote and beautiful regions of Canyonlands National Park back to the Canyonlands Air Field, where our vehicles are awaiting and our "real lives" begin again - with a rejuvenated sense of purpose.  We'll close the expedition with a gourmet group meal together in Moab before retiring to our hotel for the evening - enjoying the comfort of a "real bed" but wishing we had one more night to sleep next to the sounds of the might Colorado River as it flows by our camp. 



Cost to participate varies based on BizAdventure membership.  For questions, please email 
Regardless of membership level with BizAdventure, the cost of your experience includes:

- River Permit and Special Use Fees implied by the United States National Park Park Service.
- Professional, licensed river guides.
- All meals on river (4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners).
- All necessary river and camping gear with the exception of a sleeping bag (includes tent, sleeping pad, large/small personal dry bags).
- Facilitation of personal growth lead by Bob, Angela and Brett centered around the GOALS search-navigate-reflect-believe growth process.
- Beer and wine during the expedition.
- Guide gratuity.
- Scenic flight at the end of the expedition from Lake Powell back to Moab over some of the most remote areas of Canyonlands National Park.
- A gourmet celebration dinner and lodging upon return to Moab.

This cost excludes:

- Transportation costs to/from Moab, UT.
- Dinner on the first night while camping before our expedition launch (Sept 12).

*Note: Please click here to review the GOALS suggested packing list. 



If you have questions about this program, please contact GOALS via email or call our office at (720) 560 - 8056. 

Space is limited to 15 participants, and has begun to fill - so if you're certain this is something you want to be involved in, you can enroll immediately using the button below.  Thank you for your interest!