Berkley untapped (A month of charity and Vertigo challenge sign up)


Our community is ever expanding beyond the 80439 zip code! This January (dates to come) we will be hosting a signup /launch of our annual vertigo challenge at Berkley Untapped. Berkley Untapped has an amazing charitable program that is built on bettering our world around us. Pulled from their website...

Here at Berkeley Untapped, we let you donate $.25 to one of three of our current charities with every drink that you buy. Choose from; humanitarian, environmental, or animal. We change up which charities are available over time, and truly believe in all of the causes that we support.

Its programs like this that inspire us at GOALS to do more. We will be the proud charity for the entire month of January under the environmental cause.

On (dates) Berkley Untapped will host us in a "happy Hour" Vertigo Challenge night. Join us for food and drinks to begin the our charitable month with big momentum. This will be a great event to launch those vertigo challenge pledges!