GOALS expeditions are available to participants ranging in age from 4th grade through adult.  By differentiating the objectives of our programs for specific age groups, we maximize the effectiveness and impact of each expedition we launch.

Although GOALS began as a youth-serving organization, we have come to realize over time that there are just as many "old kids" who benefit from several nights under the stars and away from voicemail as there are young kids...perhaps even more.  We offer just a few of these unique programs each year - if you've received an invite, hop in.  This is your opportunity to call an official "time-out" on the rat race.  We guarantee that not a single phone call will be allowed to interrupt the important moments - like...

  • writing daily reflections in your river journal as the water flows by and the cottonwood leaves rustle overhead
  • playing an afternoon game of bocce ball with friends - new and old - on a sandy beach as the shadows walk their way down the canyon walls
  • giggling uncontrollably as your teammate yells for you to paddle aggressively into the big waves that lie ahead
  • gazing into the campfire while listening to the guides play guitar before crawling into your sleeping bag under a blanket of the brightest stars you've ever seen.

This is a chance to disconnect so you can re-connect - with priorities, with friends, and with yourself.
These expeditions range from 3-10 days in length, and explore rivers with whitewater from Class II to Class IV+.  

GOALS Adult /Specialty expeditions are available on: